Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains how we use information we collect from users on the website (“you”) in connection with your use of the Website.

From time to time we will update the Stylebible Privacy Policy so we encourage you to  check back periodically.

Stylebible is a luxury city guide, we offer our members establishment reviews covering travel, lifestyle, fashion and beauty across multiple cities around the globe.  We offer travel tips and recommendations and some of our content is exclusively available for those who register

This Privacy Policy will explain the following regarding use of the Website:

  • What information do we collect from you?
  • For what purposes do we collect information from you?
  • Who is collecting your information and with whom do we share it?
  • Where is your information stored?
  • How can you update or request to see your personal information?
  • What are your choices regarding collection, use, and distribution of your information?
  • What security measures are in place to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of information?
  • How do we use cookies?
  • Contact Stylebible about our Privacy Policy
  • Changes to our Privacy Policy

What information do we collect from you and why?

We may collect and keep the following types of information:

  • Information you provide to us in registering to the Website including your name, contact details, employment details, professional details and profile information you provide to us.
  • Information you provide through on-line surveys and questionnaires, preference choices you make and information on your usage of the Website (the pages viewed, facilities used and so forth). This information may include the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL“) of the website that you just came from, which URL you next go to, what browser you are using, and your Internet Protocol (“IP“) address. A URL is the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (“TCP/IP“) network, such as the World Wide Web. Networks like the Web use the TCP/IP protocol to route information based on the IP address of the destination. In other words, an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the web, allowing web servers to locate and identify your computer.
  • Personal information you provide to us in direct communications with us (by e-mail or telephone).

The foregoing data is kept as information about you and will be referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Personal Information”.

We also monitor usage of the Website by users (including Members) and collect and process statistical information on a non-personally identifiable basis about users, their profile, preferences and use of the Website.

This includes the information which is otherwise Personal Information except that it is processed on an anonymous basis and cannot be linked to specific individuals or entities.

On an aggregated basis, we also collect anonymous data related to the pages, downloads and other content that is sampled, clicked on, streamed, searched for, transferred from and downloaded (“Profile Data”).

Why do we collect your pesonal data?

We collect and hold personal information for the following reasons:

  • to verify that each Member is a suitable user for the Website and/or Member and to ensure that only users to whom the Website is aimed are using the Website;
  • to monitor and maintain the security of the Website and to protect the Website and other users or Members against abuses;
  • to meet legal and regulatory obligations
  • to prevent the Website from being used for fraud and other unlawful activities
  • to enable us to communicate with you;
  • to enable us to build up a picture of your preferences, the types of products, services, news, services and facilities which may be of interest to you and create a more personalised online experience for you, to enhance your experience and to tailor the Website to your preferences and usage.

We may also share your Personal Information with third parties who provide services to us. Those third parties include authorised contractors, temporary employees and consultants and other companies working with us (collectively, “agents”). We will require our agents not to disclose or use your Personal Information for purposes other than to provide services to you or to Stylebible and to process your Personal Information only in accordance with our instructions.

We may also share your Personal Information with third party suppliers of goods and services with whom you communicate through the Website (“Product Providers”) in order to allow these Product Providers to keep the records they are required to keep in order to comply with their legal and regulatory duties.  Please refer to the section “Who is collecting your information and with whom do we share your information” in relation to other third parties who may collect information from you or with whom we may share your Personal Information.

Profile Data

We reserve the right to use and share Profile Data at our discretion.
We may use Profile Data for any purpose but we intend to use it primarily to build a picture of the aggregate preferences, types of products, services, news and information which may be of interest to uers, to process and make such information available on the Website, to advertisers or to any other person whether publicly or in confidence; to help formulate our marketing and business strategy, to help to improve the Website, for analysing and researching our business, customers and products; and to gather information about users’ usage of the Website and in order to enhance users’ experience by tailoring the Website to meet users’ needs.

Questionnaires, Surveys and Polls

In order to improve our services, we may from time to time ask you to voluntarily complete surveys, which may be collected by an independent third party. Individual survey answers are confidential, although Profile Data is collected and disclosed to third parties. If you do not wish to participate in a survey, simply decline to participate when asked.

Newsletters, Promotional E-mails and Personalised Online Advertisements

We may wish to contact you by e-mail and/or through the messaging system(s) on the Website to offer information, promote products and services, offer newsletters and other promotional communications.

We may ask you to indicate your consent to receiving unsolicited promotional communications from us and you may at any time advise us that you do not wish to receive such promotional communications.

Contact Information and Third Party Data

If you contact a Stylebible representative by telephone, e-mail or letter, we may keep a record of your correspondence or comments.

If you report a problem with the Website, we may collect such information in a file specific to you. If you contact us through our feedback area or by calling one of our customer service representatives, we may ask for your name, e-mail address and/or other contact information in order to send you a reply.

If other users or third parties send us correspondence about your activities or purchases on the Website, we may keep the information in a file specific to you.

All such information will be held as Personal Information and will be used only for the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy.


We may display advertisements on the Website.

By knowing a little about you, Stylebible will be able to deliver more relevant advertisements and content to you in the form of targeted banners and promotions. For example, advertisers give us an advertisement and tell us the type of audience they want to reach. We may take the advertisement and include it in a promotional e-mail to Members. We may also have third-party advertising servers display advertisements linked to certain search terms that you have entered, or to certain pages that you are viewing. In this process, advertisers never have access to your Personal Information.
Stylebible will give you the opportunity to stop such forms of personalised advertising.

Stylebible may share aggregated data with advertisers. We may also use advertising partners to assist us in delivering personalised on-line advertisements to you through the use of cookies while you are on the Internet, unless you refuse to allow the use of cookies for that purpose.

Website Use

We also track Members’ traffic patterns throughout their online session, including which pages, information and advertisements a Member views while using the Website.
We use your IP address to diagnose problems with our servers, software, to administer the Website and to gather demographic information.

Cookies and Action Tags/Web Beacons

We may use and allow others to use cookies, action tags or web beacons in the operation of the Website.

To find out what cookies, action tags or web beacons  are and how they are used, please see section 8 below.

Who is collecting information and with whom do we share it?

Other Parties Generally

We may provide Profile Data about users’ traffic patterns, and related site information to third parties, but these statistics do not include any Personal Information that may be linked to specific Members.
We may disclose Personal Information to third parties if we believe that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce or apply any applicable terms and conditions or to protect the rights, property, and safety of Stylebible, the Website, other Members, users or Product Providers or others. We may also share your Personal Information with third parties who provide services to us in connection with our supply of services to you.

Marketing Partners, Co-Branded Services

We may run promotions for third-parties such as other service providers whose websites you may also visit. In some of those promotions, a window or frame containing the service provider’s website may appear.
Any time you are in a window you access another website and Personal Information obtained through that site is collected, used and disclosed by the operator of that website in accordance with that third-party’s policies (if any). This Privacy Policy does not apply to information that you supply to those third parties.

Links to Third-Party Sites

Please be aware that the Website may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. The information practices of those websites linking from or to the Website are not covered by this Privacy Policy. To find out more about what you need to be aware of in relation to such sites please see section 9 below.

Advertisement & Content Servers, Advertisers, Image Servers and Website Analysis Agents

We may use Advertisement & Content Servers, Advertisers, Image Servers and Website Analysis agents to serve advertisements and graphics that Members see on the Website more quickly, send promotional e-mails and help manage our internet business and marketing by measuring the effectiveness of our advertising and how Members use the Website.
These third parties use their cookies’ identification numbers and internal web site tracking features to serve advertisements on the Website and to collect aggregated information to create statistics about our Members, traffic patterns, and related site information. To find out more information about Advertisement & Content Servers, Advertisers, Image Servers and Website Analysis agents see section 8 below.

Legal Proceedings and Law Enforcement

Occasionally Stylebible may be asked by regulators, law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide Personal Information on Members. We will disclose such information upon receipt of a court order, subpoena, or request from a regulatory or law enforcement authority, and we may do so without prior notice to you. Stylebible will fully co-operate with law enforcement agencies to identify those who use the Website for illegal activities. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we believe to be unlawful.

Sale of the business
We reserve the right to disclose and transfer your Personal Information in the event that Stylebible or the business activities relating to the operation of the Website are sold or transferred, in whole or in part to another person or entity.

Where is your information stored?

We store all our data on secure servers that are based in the UK

How can you update or request to see your personal information?

If your personal information changes please update your member profile. If you would like us to delete your account please inform us in writing.  It may take up to ten days taking into account back ups we run of our database.  All data we hold on you is stored within your member profile.

What are your choices regarding collection, use and distribution of your information?

You can set your browser so that it will not accept “cookies” to prevent assignment from the advertisement server of a unique identifier; however, be warned you may have problems using the Website if you do so.

If you have not “opted-in” to an email we won't sent it to you.  If you change your mind and wish to opt out, you can let us know by that you do not wish to receive such e-mails from us by following the “unsubscribe instructions” in any e-mail. After that, if you have opted out of receiving all e-mails  you will not receive them, unless you open a new account, or subsequently sign up to the newsletter.

If you opt in to receive e-mails  through the website from third parties, you will receive those communications directly from them, and any information that you choose to disclose to them will be subject to their privacy policy. If you decide at a later date that you no longer want to receive their e-mails, you will need to follow their own opt-out instructions.

What security precautions are in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of your information?

We are committed to ensuring appropriate security for your Personal Information as required by relevant data protection legislation.  Although absolute security cannot be guaranteed, the Website has in place measures to protect your Personal Information.  So that you can send your details to us with confidence, all the information above is transmitted using SSL encryption.

Your Personal Information is kept on password protected, limited access servers. Wherever possible and applicable, Stylebible servers reside behind a corporate firewall that maintains controls on access to the system from both our internal network and the Internet. Access to your Personal Information is allowed only to our staff and third parties that require such access and we require our staff and such third parties to keep that information in confidence and to keep it secure. We require any third party that receives your Personal Information to maintain adequate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of the information.

How do we use cookies?

A cookie is a small data text file, which a website stores on your computer’s hard drive (if your Web browser permits) that can later be retrieved to identify you to the website operator. Cookies enable the sender to identify, authenticate and maintain information about the way visitors use websites.

For example, we may use cookies:

  • to retain information for the duration of your visit so you can efficently move between site pages;
  • to track the effectiveness of online advertising of the Website.  If you come to the Website through a third party advertisement or link, the third party may place its own cookie on your computer’s hard drive.  Non-personalised information about how the website is used, for example, whether there are any return visits to the Website, and whether the visit or subsequent visits result in an order, may be used by us and/or the third party to measure the performance of the third party advertising.  We recommend you refer to the privacy policy of any third parties whose advertising directs you to the Website; and
  • if you register your details with us, to gather and store information about how you use the Website each time you visit.  This helps us build on ongoing picture of your needs and preferences so that we can tailor future visits to the Website according to your particular usage.
  • Cookies enable us to make your use of the Website easier and bring you enhanced Website functions and services, enable the website to run more smoothly and help us to maintain a secure website.
  • By continuing to browse the Website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. However, you will be given the opportunity to refuse to allow the use of cookies on your computer or the storage of or access to information stored on your computer for purposes of customisation or personalisation of the service. The “help” button on the menu bar of most browsers will tell you how to do this or how to have your browser automatically notify you when you receive a cookie so that you can decide whether to accept it.  However, you will be unable to use the Website effectively without your browser being set to accept cookies.

We use the following types of cookie on the Website:

  1. Advertisement Server and Content Server Cookies
  2. Image Server Cookies
  3. Website Analysis Agent Cookies

Contacting Stylebible about Privacy
If you have any questions about the Stylebible Privacy Policy, the practices of our Website, or you wish to contact us, do so in the first instance by sending an email to marked for the attention of the founder.

Privacy Policy changes
If we make changes to the Stylebible Privacy Policy, we will post those changes to this page.