Stylebible was launched in June 2005 as an all-purpose authority to the best in luxury living, a guide that tells you where ‘it’ is happening. We pride ourselves on unearthing hidden gems in the world’s most stylish cities, with a focus on providing a concentrated selection of the exceptional.

Stylebible started out specialising in a handful of iconic destinations like London and New York; ten years on, we cover 18 cities, from cult or leisure destinations (Brighton, Barbados, Las Vegas), to rising world cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Dubai). Our content is regularly updated and we send out regular newsletters.

Our members are savvy, they want to make the most of their time off and don’t want to spend hours researching the best place to go. From high net worth individuals to corporate clients who use us a bespoke in-house concierge service, Stylebible provides a range of services from personalised concierges (who do the hard work for you) to individuals who access our city guides online.

We’re here to make life easy for people. Our website isn’t diluted with too much content (and certainly none of the sponsored stuff). We’ve been to all these places, and if we recommend them glowingly, it’s because our small army of journalists – long-standing writers - really loved them.

That’s Stylebible’s stamp of approval. Like you, we work hard: we don’t want to waste our hard-earned money and precious time on a bad spa treatment or tasteless meal, a grimy hotel room or a poorly-stocked sample sale, and neither do you. Nor do we tout luxury for luxury’s sake: we offer everything from elite hotels to boutique urban accommodation here, catering to all tastes and prices.

Finally, if you have anything to say, whether a simple ‘hello’, a question about our membership, or advice about a place you feel we should include on Stylebible, please get in touch with us at



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Launched in 2005, we are the original curated city guide. First hand honest reviews from a team of journalists that share the good and the bad so you get the full picture.

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Life is short. Time is precious. We offer an insider guide from hidden gems to all out luxury across a number of cities around the globe. A digital short cut to the best.

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It's yours! If you love somewhere, rate it and we'll keep it in! Enough bad scores and it goes. Equally if there is somewhere missing, tell us and we will get it reviewed.


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