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With Stylebible, you get what you see. We seek to entertain and inform, and we are honest in our appraisals of hotels, restaurants, shops and spas. If something isn’t good enough, it doesn’t get in. Likewise if there’s a flaw in an otherwise exemplary boutique hotel or eatery, we’ll tell you.

While seeking to offer a lustrous site with a myriad of features, we are also at heart a slim-and simple operation. We don’t charge membership fees, we’ve never taken commercial advertising, and we don’t have a big publishing house behind us. Our contributors are all long-standing journalists with excellent credentials, seeking to peel the label off every major city on the planet and show you what’s underneath: what to see, and what to avoid.

But our writers also need feeding - as do we. So if you get an upgrade or last-minute reservation at a trendy hotel or hot new restaurant we’ve recently raved about, or a generous discount at a sample sale, please tell your friends. And if you had a great time to boot, we’d love it you decided to tip us. Think of us as the hotel concierge in this scenario: if you love us, show us.

Thank you.