Pearl Lowe


Pearl Lowe

Talks campaigns and the countryside
Sophie Eggleton

Former model and performer, designer and mother Pearl Lowe has left the stresses of London for what sounds like an enviously idyllic life in Somerset. Consistently busy whether it be through work or normal family duties she still finds time to put her weight behind worthy causes such as the Get Tested campaign,which see her ( and many other well known faces) step in front of the lens with Cult photographer The Mofo.

Commonly overlooked, Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that predominantly infects the cells of the liver. This can cause inflammation of and sometimes significant damage to the liver and affect its ability to perform its many, varied and essential functions. Although it has always been regarded as a liver disease (hepatitis means inflammation of the liver), recent research has shown that hepatitis C affects a number of other areas of the body including the digestive system, the lymphatic system, the immune system and the brain.

Hepatitus C Trust hopes to raise awareness with The Mofo’s images and various other initiatives, including the Get Tested mission, which sees the charity join forces with the International Music summit , encouraging people to travel from the Uk to the International Music Summit in Ibiza by any means possible but discarding the usual methods of plane and car. This trips a perfect opportunity for people to get involved in the campaign whilst having fun, traveling through France, Spain and Ibiza competing with fellow travelers to win the prize of a dedicated month long detox program prescribed by world-renowned holistic guru, Stella columnist and all-round A-list confident Dr Nish joshi.

Sophie Eggleton caught up with Pearl to find out more about the campaign and to discover how her life has transformed in the last few years...

Why did you particularly want to get involved in the Get Tested Campaign?
Basically, I have quite a few friends with this disease, so I feel it is important to get the message out there.

The Mofo is taking the campaign images, are you comfortable in front of the lens?
Having been a model and in a band,being in front of the camera was something I am got used to.

You were an ambassador for Crisis....
My work with crisis has come to an end, I felt that I needed to be involved with a drug charity as that was a subject close to my heart, so i am now an ambassador for Action against Addiction.

You produce clothing and furnishings-do you find designing/making relaxing?
I love creating beautiful things, it makes my heart sing.

You were in successful group and have been a fashion model-I know this led to tumultuous times but are their aspects that you miss to that part of your life?
We weren^t terribly successful as I was a drug addict, I still love writing and performing, but it^s really just a hobby, I couldn^t have that life sober and with so many children, my life is designing now.

What’s the most common preconception about you?
That I am a wild socialite. I live in the country and I am in bed before 10.30 pm every night!

What has been the best part about moving to the country? What do you miss about London life?
I don^t miss anything about london, I still have to come up once or twice a week, I just love the countryside with a passion, I have never been happier.

What is the best ‘pearls of wisdom’ ( so sorry for the pun!) you pass down to your children?
To live in the moment, the past is dead and the future hasn^t happened yet and so it^s important to stay in the moment.

You’ve said that Danny’s influence made you get your act together, how do you think you’ve changed/influenced him?
I think i have calmed him down a lot in the past 4 years, he said that I have inspired him to do more things with his life, not to waste it as i haven^t stopped since getting clean, and he can see what a positive influence this has on our family.

What’s been your proudest moment?
Getting married last year.

Describe the perfect day for you....
Getting up, getting the kids ready for school, going for a swim, then coming back to work on my designs, have a few meetings, then pick the kids up from school, cook dinner, then watch a movie, then go to bed.

What’s your ‘Stylebible’ city of choice and why?
Paris for it^s food,culture and style.

What is your best kept secret in your little black book?
There is this amazing couple that live locally, Debbie gives the most amazing 3 hour massage and Andy works at renewing your cells, once you leave their house you feel like a totally new person.

Who are your ‘style icons’ or figures of influence?
I don^t really have any style icons.I take bits from lots of different people like Betty Page, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Ricky Gervais

What can’t you travel without?
My daughter Betty

What is your favourite hotel and/or room?
The Covent Garden Hotel

Do you have a favourite bar or cocktail lounge?
I don^t drink.

What are your favourite restaurants?
Babington House and the Mulberry in Shepton Mallet

What’s your most extravagant purchase?
My bed from the white company

Name a product/treatment you couldn’t live without?
Nell my vortex healer from Castle Cary

Who is your favourite designer?
Anna Sui

Where is next on your list of places to visit?
I would love to go to Jamaica as I have never been.

What is the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?
A healer friend of mine once said "it^s none of your business what anyone thinks of you!" and it has stayed with me and it^s a wonderful piece of advise.

What is on your shopping wish list right now?
I am still in the process of decorating our house, so I need things like armoires, dressers,curtains, so clothes are out of the question right now!

What is special about London fashion week?
We have the most talented designers in the world, you cannot beat  Vivienne Westwood.

What are your favourite web sites? Do you do social network?
I love facebook, myspace and twitter.

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