Eliza Doolittle


Eliza Doolittle

The independent singer talks music, style..... and ghosts?
Sophie Eggleton

Despite your young age you have been working for years, pursuing your passion and career in music, how does it feel to finally have an album and some amazing chart positions under your belt?
It's been an amazing journey !  I am still really shocked about my chart position and incredibly happy ! Didn't expect it at all!

What is your earliest musical memory or the moment you realized that you had a gift?
I guess I was always singing and people used to tell me I had a good voice....I never really knew if I did or not, but I loved expressing myself through singing.

To anyone who hasn't heard of you, how would you describe your sound?
Ooo that's a difficult one...it's hard to have an honest perspective on my own music. I just like making good songs ! I suppose it has quite a summery vibe.

You seem extremely busy at the moment, how are you coping with the workload?
I'm a bit tired but keep on keeping on !

What do you do when you get time to relax?
At the moment I simply fall asleep !  But when I'm not too busy I love to go dancing with my friends, play poker, watch arsenal !

Has anything about the music industry/increasing fame surprised you?
Not yet, I'm just taking it in my stride.  Trying to keep focused on my music.

Your song 'Ego,' looks at singers who are hindered by potential criticism, how do you deal with reviews and the prospect of you or your style being scrutinised in magazines etc?
Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion but I try not to look into it too much.  It's important to just be yourself no matter what anybody says!

There a lot of great female artists out there at the moment is there a sense of camaraderie and support between you?
I definitely support all the other female artists out there ! It's great to see the laydees becoming a norm in this industry !

You've tackled quite serious subjects amongst some that are more trivial . How important is it you to have strong messages in your music?
I think it's really important that if you have a voice that can be heard, you say what you think is right.  I think songs are a great way to spread a message or a feeling.  I also think you can't take life too seriously and the greatest song may also be a boogie tune !

How do you feel about people giving you the responsibility of being a role model?
It seems odd !  I'm just going to be myself.

For you what is the most exciting part, working in the studio and putting together songs or performing live?
Both things come hand in hand for me !  I love performing the songs I have writen because I wrote them and I love writing songs knowing I'm going to be performing them ! Also, the two different feelings, the fulfilling feeling of finishing a song and the adrenaline rush from performing live are two great feelings!

Do you prefer paired down acoustic sets or performances with a full band?
I like the challenge of both !  It's nice to do a gig just me and piano or just guitar but it's also great when the music comes alive through all the other instruments. I have quite a basic band at the moment, just drums, double bass and guitar/yukulele but I'm working on extending it slightly!

Who are your personal style icons?
I don't have anyone I look to dress like but I do admire the style of Vivienne Westwood, Carrie Bradshaw and Chloe Sevigny.

What do you feel about the prospect of having to work with stylists and people that may want to change your image?
I would never wear aything I don't like. That will always be up to me!

Having nine siblings do you feel a need to do something to stand out- to differentiate yourself from the others?
Not at all, singing and music is something I've always enjoyed ! My siblings used to get so annoyed with me constantly singing or whistling!

What do they all think about your music, are they supportive, do you ask their opinion on your work?
They are very supportive and I always hope they'll like my music but I think it's best to keep family out of what I do creatively as they would influence me the most with their opinions, and I've always wanted to be independent.

You are a big Arsenal supporter, can you tell us something else we might not know about you, or something that might surprise us....
Um...I'm really good with directions!

One of your songs featured on the Adulthood soundtrack, would you follow many other singers before you and turn to acting in the future?
I wouldn't say no, but my music is my priority at the moment !

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you pick?
Stevie Wonder please!

What is on your ipod right now?
To be exact, Wham!

What aspects to London life particularly inspire you, and where in London is most inspiring?
Everything around me inspires me and living in London means London inspires me !  Anything from the streets of Camden and the crack addicts to the top of Primrose Hill and the view !

Who is your favourite designer?
At the moment I'm really loving what Christopher Kane has done with versus...my favourite changes all the time.

What is your favourite city?
I'm a home girl...London !  Although I'd love to live in New York for a time.

What is your best kept secret in your Little Black Book?
That would be telling!

What can't you travel without?

What is your favourite hotel?
I have only stayed at a few and unfortunately mainly Travelodges! Yucky !  I was lucky enough to stay at the Roosevelt once in LA and that was amazing!  I saw the ghost of Marilyn Monroe!

What is your favourite bar?
Cottons on Chalk Farm Road.

What is your favourite restaurant?
I'm a sucker for Nandos!

What has been your most extravagant purchase?
Amazing king of hearts painting by wall art artist Alfa.

What products can't you live without?
Dermologica creams and cleansers!

Where is next on your places to visit?
I am actually on my way to Amsterdam now!  Funny you asked.

What is the best piece of advice you've been given?
Listen to your gut!

What is on your shopping list right now?
I really need to get new curtains for my flat...and a few other homely boring things.

Do you social network?
Yes I do ! It's a great way to interact with my listeners !

Photography Credit: Title: Andrew Whitton Shoot. Artist: Eliza Doolittle, Photographer: Andrew Whitton