Need some help? Here are our most frequently asked questions together with information on how to contact us if your problem still hasn't been solved.

How do you provide un-biased reviews?

There isn't a publication in the world that isn't offered freebies. However, a free meal/treatment/room doesn't ensure any establishment placement in Stylebible, and we are committed to an independent editorial policy. Our member rating system was introduced to provide a balanced scoring system, giving our members the chance to voice their opinions as well.

Are you like Zagat?

No. Zagat is a guide that doesn't focus on style issues, nor does it provide a pre-selected list of current, hot venues. At the time this was published, it listed 1741 restaurants in New York. That's not what Stylebible is about. We offer a concentrated selection, including hidden gems.

Why can't I just Google it?

Google only provides links to other web sites, which don't necessarily provide independent, personalised reviews or up-to-date information. And you could easily spend hours looking for information which happens to be available on Stylebible in seconds. You also have the opportunity to save hard-earned cash with the Stylebible special offers, which you wouldn't find on Google.

Where is the value in Stylebible?

Stylebible members have a vast Sample Sale Diary, hand-picked reviews, special offers worth, at times, over £1,000 and articles/editorial content by some of the industry's leading experts. We're absolutely sure the subscription will pay for itself many times over.   

How is it priced?

We don't charge for membership to Stylebible but if you love our service we'd love you to tip us.

How does the default city work?

When you first subscribe to Stylebible you will be able to select a default city, each time you then visit the web site the content will show up for your default city. This doesn't stop you from searching other cities and you can change your default city at any time. 

How do I update my details?

Simply click on Member Profile (in the top right hand corner of the screen) and then click 'edit'. This let's you update your personal details, email address and default city. 

How do I search the directory?

The easiest option is to enter the name of the establishment in the search bar if you know it. If not, simply choose a category (travel, lifestyle, fashion and beauty). Then enter the establishment you are looking for, e.g. private members club. You can also search by area in a city. A list of search results is generated, letting you choose an establishment and see full details.

How does the member rating work?

We provide first-hand, independent reviews and also encourage our members to contribute to those reviews.  If you have stayed at a place we have featured please add your comments and give the establishment your own rating based on your experiences. Each establishment has a running score to let you know which are the best-performing and most loved.

Creating a short list of favourites

Guide books are heavy, cumbersome and often out-of-date by the time they go to print. Stylebible lets you to add your favourite establishments to as a favourite list, which you can then print in PDF format. To favourite an establishment simply click on the add to favourites button on the establishment review.

How can I suggest a new establishment?

Users can recommend establishments by emailing us at hello@stylebible.com. We consider all recommendations but will not review every recommendation. For establishments or PR agencies wishing to be included, please email us directly with an overview, opening hours, photography and, where possible, a press release.

How can I advertise on Stylebible?

For partnership and sponsorship enquiries please contact Lee Atkins on +44 (0)7756 654358.  If you have an unanswered question drop us a line at hello@stylebible.com.