Mr Fogg's Residence

Mr Fogg's Residence


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15 Bruton Lane, London W1J 6JD
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Area: Mayfair

Ah, the old days, life as it once was, when a better class of dashing gentleman might stroll into a saloon with his charming, debonair lady friend in tow and order a pink gin with plenty of ice. Well, my good friends, if you’re looking for nostalgia, then amble on down the London promenade in the direction of Mayfair, wherein lies a humble alleyway, Bruton Lane. And here, off the beaten track, you will find Mr. Fogg’s Residence, a gin palace of the highest order.

Everything here is redolent of the (fictitious) travels of Phileas Fogg, the British gentleman imagined by Jules Verne, who sets out to circumnavigate the world in just 80 days – no mean feat in Victorian-era London. Fogg, it hardly needs to be said, was an exemplar of the old maxim that nothing cannot be solved so long as you have three factors in hand: a group of like-minded, affable and bibulous friends; some money in your pocket and free time on your hands; and a gin – preferably a biter with plenty of ice – clanking in a glass.

Mr. Fogg’s has got this place just right – or ‘Bang on’! as Fogg himself (or Flashman, with whom Fogg surely sank a few back in the day) might have said. This is a proper old-fashioned house of spirits, with every conceivable brand of gin going, allied with a cornucopia of other spirits and arresting cocktails. No membership is needed (you just have to know the place is here) and it’s also available for private parties. We hired the veranda out for Stylebible's tenth birthday, and the service was – you guessed it, bang on. And for those wandering the lanes of Covent Garden as they read these choice words, fear not, for there is another aperture recently opened to the public, in the guise of Mr. Fogg’s Tavern, on St. Martin’s Lane. Chin chin!


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