Claw BBQ Crabshack & Grill

Claw BBQ Crabshack & Grill


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Souk al Bahar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Oh yes - Claw does a Friday Brunch - to be experienced to be believed!
Area: Downtown Burj Khalifa

There aren’t many places like Claw BBQ in Dubai. What a find! This BBQ Crabshack has a fun interior, complete with red gingham tablecloths, sports TVs and a terrace with views of the tallest building in the world! What more could you ask for whilst cracking open a bucket of the freshest snow crab legs, mussels, clams and King Crab?

We were welcomed by THE friendliest waiter, Phil. Thankfully he quickly realised that our lack of decision making skills needed to be taken in hand and he took over our drinks and food orders for us. Water for the table arrived in little jam jars which was quirky although we did feel rather like we were about to go tadpoling! The arrival of the enormous cocktails was quite a fanfare. A HUGE sharing passion fruit margarita took centre stage with straws for everyone and a bottle of beer stuffed into the top of the giant sized glass which gradually dripped into the drink as we slurped our way through the potent mix. You can also expect beers on tap, yards of ale, shooters, a large selection of rums and of course – one of the widest selections of tequilas and American sippin’ whiskeys in Dubai!

Whilst the menu may not be the best for your waistline, the food was of the highest standard, jam packed with show stopping dishes, fresh and not overly greasy which was surprising for somewhere offering sizzlin’ fajitas (sweet onions, crunchy veg, lashings of sour cream, lime-y chicken and really jumbo prawns), Texas beef brisket (we didn’t know what this was either!), smoked BBQ ribs (tender, fall off the bone – do NOT leave without sampling these!) and buckets of steamed fresh crabs legs, mussels, clams, corn on the cobs and lobster! There are burgers, sandwiches and salads for the less adventurous diners and of course your chance to see your name in lights on the wall of fame if you manage to finish “The Beast” in under 30 minutes. This bad boy is 6lbs of belly bustin’ burger loaded with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, pickles and chilli cheese fries.

The presentation is exceptional for somewhere that has such a fun and casual vibe. Fresh seafood in large bowls of ice, nachos are served with granite bowls filled with homemade guacamole, sizzling platters of smoky fajitas, and “buckets” of seafood complete with BBQ corn on the cob. You can expect to make a mess while eating here and will be provided with a Claw apron to don whilst hammering away at your King Crab.

If you have room for desert (unlikely if Phil has taken charge of your main course orders!), we suggest sharing as the portions are good old American sized HUGE. But delicious. Warm brownies oozing with chocolate, zingy key lime pie and Apple crumble even better than Grandma’s (sorry nan!) polished us off just nicely.


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