The Spa Shangri-La Hotel

The Spa Shangri-La Hotel


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Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
+971 4 405 2441
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Area: Sheikh Zayed Road

Situated on busy Sheikh Zayed Road, this Spa is a hidden and welcome escape. The Spa is on the 4th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel and focuses on overall well-being. It is a luxurious, spacious and professionally equipped haven for guests to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize both mind and body.

The core philosophy of the Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai is to achieve balance between vitality, fitness and beauty. There is a fully equipped gym, tennis & squash courts, large swimming pool, as well as the all-important Jacuzzi and pampering area of the Spa itself.

The changing rooms are large and airy and every locker has a very cosy dressing gown and slippers to put on before your treatment. It was very hot outside when I visited but perhaps the A/C was just a little too strong in the changing area. I was soon wrapped up in my dressing gown though and shuffled down the hallway to the treatment room. The Spa is spacious and clean and relaxing but there is nothing out of the ordinary. Just simple black and white decor, no trickling water features or Buddha’s on every corner and no pan pipes playing incessantly. It made a nice change but I must admit, I rather like the escape to another world that a lot of Spas offer.

I had opted for the Pomegranate Mud Massage, a body conditioning blend. The indigenous fruit of Arabia is used as an anti-oxidant in this unique body treatment which includes an exfoliation, a body massage wrap and crystal healing stones. The treatment began with me being smeared from head to toe in the exfoliating mud and then wrapped in Clingfilm and towels and left to rest while the Pomegranate worked its magic. Meanwhile, I was treated to a sleep-inducing (and eventually, embarrassingly, snore-inducing) head massage. The therapist was very good but did not tell me what was happening next or what the effects of the treatment would be. After a shower, I discovered for myself that the mud massage had left my skin super smooth. A moisturizing lotion was massaged into my skin and I left feeling glowing and cleansed.

The Ginger tea served in a seating area beside the Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna afterwards was peppery and just the ticket to wake me up after my dozy hour on a massage bed.

If you are looking for a mid-range massage and want to escape city life for a bit, the Spa at the Shangri-La is a great option. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the other facilities before or after your treatment too. I often leave a Spa with a sharp jolt back to reality as I walk out onto the street to be greeted by the heat, noise and traffic, having been lulled into a false sense of being in Thailand for the past hour or two, what with all the bamboo sticks and paintings of Buddha decorating the walls. This won’t happen when you leave the Shangri-La, but you will still leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.


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