Sian Dellar Permanent Makeup

Sian Dellar Permanent Makeup


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Area: Marylebone
If eyes are the window to the soul then eyebrows are the frames - and wow, how we covet Cara Delevingne’s frames! My own ‘frames’ have never quite recovered from the over-plucking of my teenage years and have been irregularly shaped, poorly groomed and somewhat unloved ever since. Despite my dislike of my natural brows I rarely seem to conjure up neither the time nor the inclination to pencil them to perfection.
Cue semi-permanent make-up; it’s been around a while though the effect of the original ‘eyebrow tattoos’ was dubious at best, akin to slugs drawn in marker pen at worst, and certainly not worth the hefty price tag nor the pain. Times have since changed, techniques have improved, tattooing has evolved into Microblading and Sian Dellar is now offering treatments in Selfridges, London.
Any last minute nerves were calmed the moment I met Sian, partly owing to her professional and calming nature but also because of her own utterly perfect brows. Sian takes her time to pencil the perfect eyebrow for your eye and face shape and once you’re happy with it she adds pigment to the outermost layers of the brows using the tiniest of blades. Numbing cream means the treatment is surprisingly painless, less than an hour and it’s over.
The brow colour is dark at first but settles within a week, I return a month later for a top-up appointment and that’s it, I’m done. The very fine hair strokes give me defined but understated eyebrows that I’m delighted with – a natural result that also allows me an extra five minutes in bed each morning!
Also available at Daniel Galvin, Selfridges – Third floor
Permanent Eyebrows from £495
Colour boost maintenance ever 6-18 months £195 



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