The House of Charles Worthington

The House of Charles Worthington


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28 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5BB
Visit the Website +44 (0) 207 831 5303
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Area: Fitzrovia

Just when you thought that all high-end hairdressing experiences had become depressingly similar, ol’ Mr. Worthington comes to the rescue. I assumed the service and outcome would be pretty good (in fact it was better), but was truly bowled over by the new Worthington experience.

It’s good to know that such a trusted brand can still steal the lead. The House of Charles Worthington is just that – a house. A great big, spanking, washboard-floored house in Covent Garden, turning the old salon concept on its head, because there are a series of gorgeous individually designed rooms throughout the house where you can choose to lounge, listen to music, be silent or get your hair done.

The House idea really just works – intimate and relaxed and you can move around the house in peace. It also pays attention to collective details like Diptique candles, fruit skewers with coffee and just about the best manicure I have had in years (David – a Marian Newman technician is just the business. They do for manicures what Beauty Works West does for pedicures). To be honest this appt came at the right time for me, being in a sort of follicle no-man’s land at the moment. Thus, I walked in with a real need for advice, and I got it.

Face charts, colour charts and consultations with a multitude of people who swung by to inspect me. The process was enjoyable and the outcome was excellent. Charles Worthington has been commended for its likeable, unpretentious (but always attractive) staff and this time was no different. Particular mention has to go to Matthew. And with such reasonable prices we do wonder how they keep up with the house mortgage but we love it!

Hot tip: (drumroll) the House of CW will do a sort of Desk to Dancefloor makeover if you ask nicely. You can leave work with friends, take a room of the house where they do your nails, hair and feed you with champagne AND THEN COURIER YOUR WORK CLOTHES HOME while you go off dancing. How cool is that? These people have thought of everything, and we love them for it.


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