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Gentlemens Tonic


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31a Bruton Place, Mayfair, London W1J 6NN
Visit the Website +44 (0) 207 297 4343
Area: Mayfair
If you want your guy to be as gorgeous as you are then pack him off to Gentlemen's Tonic. The menu is extensive but we particularly like the wet shave that'll leave him smooth enough to smooch. We sent Alastair off to try it out.... and here is what he came back with. 
Gentlemen’s tonic is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men. The decor is masculine - wood, leather and marble. In each of the private haircutting stations and treatment rooms you are surrounded high-tech music consoles and LCD screens. Whenever I have been to a spa with my partner, I’ve always been susceptible to a facial, or alternatively a Swedish massage to sort out all those sporting niggles. 
So when faced with a company that has a series of treatments designed exclusively for men, I took the rare opportunity to try a full wet shave. To say I was nervous is understating the need for reassurance from my "Syrian master of the blade". However with over 15 years learning his craft, I was left in no doubt that I was in safe hands. The treatment was relaxing, plenty of hot towels wrapped round my face before and after; and the result was by far the closest cut imaginable, that didn’t involve my head being severed from my shoulders! 
Throughout the treatment, I was taught how to shave properly at home, the lessons of which, are still ingrained in my memory several weeks later. It doesn’t sound very glamorous, but when you are suited and booted for work, and the only bit of your body showing is your head, it makes a lot of sense to look after this important piece of real estate. 
All in all - Gentlemen’s Tonic have got it right - when you walk in you feel special; when you walk out you feel on top of the world. This place was definitely worth a visit.  


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