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Maybe I have a bit of a Samson complex, but the truth is that I’ve always been fairly unadventurous with my hair. It’s long, it’s thick, it’s a good, rich colour - why would I mess with it?

Because greys happen, that’s why. And because “doing stuff” to your hair doesn’t have to mean losing length - no, it can mean gaining volume, which in my case started to diminish around the same time as the greys started to appear.

Enter Daniel Galvin’s Gold Class “Fuller Thicker” package, which left my locks looking nothing short of luscious. You know those TV ads where the women swish their hair around from side to side and it falls bouncily back into place? THAT is exactly how I felt after this treatment - and I’ve got the slow-mo film on my iPhone to prove it. And this wasn’t only within minutes of leaving the salon - after a few days of downpours, workouts and general life stuff, people were still commenting on how lovely my tresses looked.

Even more satisfyingly, the results were so natural as to be noticeable but not obvious - nobody guessed what I’d had done, and those to whom I ‘fessed up were amazed. For those who want to look fantastic without looking like they’re trying too hard, this would surely have to be the perfect outcome.

Before booking in for the treatment at the Daniel Galvin’s flagship salon in Marylebone, I had a consultation with principal extensionist, Becky Lennon, where she examined my hair and scalp’s condition and we talked over how many extensions I’d need to restore my hair to its former fulsome glory. Gold Class hair is available in a whole range of colours and tones, and because I decided right there and then that I wanted some caramel-blonde variation from my natural dark brown in the extensions, which are bonded to the lower layers of your hair, Becky booked me in with a colourist to add some highlights to my topmost layers to pull the look together - and banish those lurking greys.

Gold Class hair is ethically sourced and 100% human, which means that you can wash, dry and style it exactly as you would your own hair - and the process wasn’t in the slightest bit painful, with the bonds placed a centimetre or so away from the roots, so that your scalp isn’t irritated by them. How long it takes obviously depends on how many you have put in - my package of 75 took about 3 hours, plus another 2 for the colour - and although I’d shoved a book in my bag in preparation for boredom, I didn’t even glance at it. Yes, there was a whole host of magazines - both glossy and trashy - to choose from but really, I was too entranced, not only by the client whose poodle sat obediently on her lap throughout the entirety of her treatment, but by the fact that a two-storey salon which is so busy, both with clients and with black-clad, attractive staff whizzing about from task to task,  could possibly seem so relaxing. I don’t doubt that there’s the occasional hissy-fit or appointment overlap, but as far as I could tell, everything was soothingly, beautifully seamless.

Coffee made just the way I like it was delivered to me within moments of ordering it; later on in the day, Becky suggested I order from the in-house Souli restaurant menu, where options ranged from simple sandwiches to a salmon superfood salad. I opted for the latter and it was delicious - and while I could have been virtuous and ordered something off the restaurant’s fresh juice menu, I was having too much fun to drink anything less decadent than wine - which came in a gratifyingly large glass - all delivered to me by attentive staff right there in my chair.

Gold Class Hair extensions at Daniel Galvin are priced from £650 for 50 extensions and last for 3-4 months. 


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