About Stylebible

Stylebible was launched in June 2005. Having come through the most trying years as a start up we are now entering our second decade, newly scrubbed and redesigned, offering a wealth of new ideas, offers, and guides to the best in luxury hotel, spa, restaurant, shopping and city guides.

So what’s new? Well in some ways, we are what we’ve always been: an all-purpose authority to the best in luxury living, a guide that tells you were ‘it’ is happening. We still pride ourselves on unearthing hidden gems in the world’s leading cities. Stylebible started out in 2005 specialising in a handful of iconic destinations like London and New York; ten years on, we cover 18 cities, from cult or leisure destinations (Brighton, Barbados, Las Vegas), to rising world cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Dubai).

We’re still here to make life easy for people, guiding users around a simple site, just as we’d all love to be guided around this cluttered, confusing world of ours. Our website isn’t diluted with too much content (and certainly none of the sponsored stuff). We’ve been to all these places, and if we write about them glowingly, it’s because our small army of journalists – long-standing writers - really loved them.

That’s Stylebible’s stamp of approval. Like you, we work hard: we don’t want to waste our hard-earned money and precious time on a bad spa treatment or tasteless meal, a grimy hotel room or a poorly-stocked sample sale, and neither do you. Nor do we tout luxury for luxury’s sake: you’ll find everything from elite hotels to boutique urban accommodation here, catering to all tastes and prices.

We’re still very much a user-generated experience. Everyone is invited to rate and review the places we’ve tasted-and-tested. You can still create your very own bespoke ‘black-book’ with our unique online tool, which you can print off or download to your smartphone for ease of use wherever you are. 

Stylebible has also changed and evolved, as you’d expect after a decade in the luxury-guide game. We have much better integration with social media, enabling you to link direct to a brand’s social media page to see what’s happening and new. Our ‘Tip the Concierge’ service also allows you to reward us for the service we provide. No one thinks twice about tipping a waiter or the concierge, but with the online world, we assume that everything’s free. But we need to eat, as do our small army of writers, so feel free to tip us - if you feel we deserve it!

Finally, if you have anything to say, whether a simple ‘hello’, a line or two about our performance, or advice about a place you  feel we should include on Stylebible, please get in touch with us at hello@stylebible.com